Where to buy investment property

Where to buy investment property

With various property markets across South East Queensland booming, it’s never been a better time to invest in the Gold Coast property market.

Here’s why:

  • Property values are increasing
  • Rental yields are remaining high
  • Population growth is staying strong
  • Improved infrastructure
  • Shortages of immediately available quality property
  • Third-largest increase in job growth in Australia

For the educated investor, Gold Coast property is the ideal option

When looking at the Gold Coast for investment opportunities it’s easy to get lost in the idea that the beachside resort-style apartments are your best bet.

But this is not always the case.

Often the best buys in cities like the Gold Coast are more practical ones—that is, investment properties that locals will want to live in. Apartment buildings close to business districts, public transport, schools and the beach.

There are also houses in quieter Gold Coast suburbs which appeal to young families and couples that can be a valuable long-term investment.

If you buy in the right location, you can gain the best of both worlds… I.e. Buy at a low market price close to the beach, furnish your apartment and rent short term through the very high demand portals such as AirBnB.  This way you can have low management costs, high yields, a place to use for your own holiday, and a place ready for you to live in permanently one day.

Gold Coast property market is driven upwards by sea changers[1]

Seachangers are one of the biggest reasons for the rise in demand for Gold Coast property. Especially in suburbs like Palm Beach, Broadbeach, Hope Island and Main Beach where there is a scarcity of land.

This scarcity is also one of the reasons why these suburbs, and suburbs like them, will stay in demand for many more years to come.  This is why areas like Coomera, and suburbs like Beenleigh between Northern Gold Coast and Brisbane, and are still not performing on the same level as coastal areas.

Other suburbs to keep an eye on are Southport, Carrara, Helensvale, Mermaid Beach, Burleigh and Palm Beach. The extension of the light rail from Broadbeach to Helensvale train station has helped add some appeal to Helensvale.

And Burleigh, already a popular suburb for locals, has grown exponentially in the last couple of years. It too has been buoyed by news that the next stage of the light rail will go from Broadbeach to Burleigh’s heads.

There’s also the undeniable beauty of Burleigh and its laid-back beachside lifestyle.

The Gold Coast Market Predictions are all positive

With population growth, tourism growth, a stable Aussie dollar and improved infrastructure the market predictions for the Gold Coast are all positive. The property market is predicted to grow 10% to 20% in 2017, and with the cost of borrowing to remain comparatively affordable, the property market should remain strong.

The educated investor should be looking at suburbs where population growth is strong and is supported by amenities and refurbished public transport.

If you are looking for a smart investment opportunity, download our Investor’s Guide to Property on the Gold Coast.


[1] A sea change (or seachange) is an Australian term—taken from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”—describing people who leave city living in rural coastal communities.